Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog blog blog!!

I have seen my friends blog a lot and I don't know why I didn't push myself to blog!! Am going to do my best this time and try to blog more!! Just need to motivate myself somehow! It's been a while since I blogged so I will just summarize up pretty much! :] Ok, whoa...last blog was May 2009. O.M.G time do fly by too fast....please Mr. Clock, slow down...haha.

Let's see where I about the new year of 2010...

Tyler's birthday was Jan 29th, I actually made him a cake!! With my own hand! I went down to this awesome ABC [cake store that Tyler goes to all the times] Uploaded the pic below - that's what I made....let me tell was toughhhh! In the end, it was great and he actually liked it! :]

then the big event of the year, our 3 years anniversary. Once again; the time goes by too fast! Definitely am looking forward to many more years...can't wait to see what it has hold for us! My gift for him was this awesome nice stainless steel bracelet with 4 diamonds around it [Jared's] and the vacation that I took him to! Tyler loved it!! The trip was fantastic, we actually spend a quality well time together and it was just what we needed!!
Friday - we went up to a small town, Mayer [approx 45 mins up north of Phx] and got a nice average cabin by the creek. The weather was perfect, windy..chilly. Just so right. The service was great. We were getting ready to go to dinner, just to hang out. Afterwards, we played game and we got tired, so we went to bed to get ready for horseback riding in the morning! Let me tell you, the horseback riding was fun, just walk throughout the desert/forest and explore the was nice weather too!! Then we packed up and got ready to go up to Prescott that I booked for us, a suite! It was perfect..just what I wanted for Tyler to enjoy!! The bed was a.w.e.s.o.m.e! Had small patio, with a great view looking over Prescott and small living room. Went down to do some blackjacks, I put down 40 bucks and won 175 bucks!! Good day! Then went up and got ready for our nice dinner out. Tyler looked so handsome!! He's amazing. So we went to this realllly nice dinner - I recommend you guys go there; awesome food!! The place was Old Firehouse Plaza! We ordered lasgna and cheese tortelli - then Tyler ordered a choco cake with a ice cream scoop on side, then an extra side of my Jareds earrings! I was like...omg he actually know how to make me happy -- he's just so sweet! Then we went back to hotel and we were so tiredddd, slept throughout the night and woke up, and breakfast room service was ready! We ate on the bed!! Then got ready for our massages, nothing could get better than that!! Then went have lunch and was ready to go home and get our baby, Starr. Thanks Jerad and TJ for watching her!! :] So the weekend was great. My advice for you guys that have bf/gf...go spend time together once in a while; no need to splurge - just find something to do and it makes you stronger in the end!! Love you bear. :]

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was fun, but long I would say. I finally enrolled in two classes for the summer. Just putting a quicker process for my AA-EE so I can finish early. Am looking forward to be busy again but am postiviely looking forward for trips throughout the summer with my boyfriend && friends!

Graduation...that's the main reason I am on here for. I went to my friend, Fallon, her was interesting though. It was a charter school, I believe 7 or 8 people whom were deaf gradtuated with other kids who are hearings which was like 20-30 more. Very interesting how it work, the way they do it. Not judging it, just different from others that I have attended to. Anyways, it was good seeing some poeple I have not seen in a while, interpreters & old in the end. Here's some few pics from the event...

Fallon and Me
Congrats girl!

that is all! I better get to bed, I am working tomorrow, getting up at 4:30 am!
have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too long..

HI! It's been a while since I do this, my bad, things just went by fast being so busy, in school, work & living on own is not fun but in the end it is fun. If that makes sense? Anyways! I am just going to update that some few things....still currently working at Old Navy, I swear my closet is full of their clothing. I get pretty sweet deal; that's why. :]

Boyfriend. The status is really great. We are still getting to know about each other everyday. Yes, some rough times in the road but we got over the bump and stronger in the end. It's just nice having a best friend who will love me for who I am.

This picture taken at Stomp show at ASU word: FABULOUS! It was amazing...thanks to my 'rents for the tixs!! I would defintely recommend it & am for sure going next year! It's awesome how they can uses brooms, brushes, barrells, etc to make's beautiful. In the end, it was the best date ever too...that's because I got my man. xo.

What else? My furkid, Ringo has a sore on his paw...poor's like having a kid. I am serious. You have to run to store to get stuff such as cream for the paw, redness swollen or itch, then have to go back get aspirin for him or get bandage or take him to the vet. It's just such a big responsibility...what a good practice for a baby in the future; i'm kidding. It's a big difference I am sure. My boyfriend gave him a...big...crazy haircut that totals to....all shaved off but really short. He got a point..tick can get on easy because of long hair plus summer's here, be's true. He's adorable still!

OO crap, I have a company coming...ah I will write more later; sorry..toodles! JENY

Friday, December 26, 2008



HI! I'm posting up the Cmas pictures that was in the card!

Wow. I did not except Christmas to come by so fast and it's all done! It is sure one of my favorite time of year. It is not just about gift, it's about being with someone you love and spending so much time with family & friends. This year was really wonderful. I spent 4 Christmas at 4 different locations, in two days. It was really fun. My car was so full with stuff! :) My boyfriend loved his gift, he could not kept his hand off, haha. It was GPS that he wanted for so long and I finally got it for him! I loved mine, can't wait to try it out, the new nano of iPod and it is PURPLE. My boyfriend sure does passed the test of getting right color; jus kidding ;)

Now that 2009 is coming up! I think it will be so much new things next year! Some goals to be achieved. First thing come up on the first day of the 2009 year is moving out. I am sad about that but I have no choice. House situation sucks but that is okay.....things are never perfect anyways. I can deal with it and can always find something else later. No hurry, world is not going to end :) I will be living all way down in Avondale with my boyfriend's sister for a while, kinda far from everyone but good thing the house will be off by 101 freeway but am NOT looking forward to drive a long "15 mins" to work than now it was only 5 mins! Am thinking about transferring to Avondale Old Navy since it is closer to the new house unless I get the job at other job! I hope I get hired soon!

It's 2:47am and I better go to bed! Got some packing to do tomorrow! AH may you guys have a wonderful weekend!!

Latuhh <3

Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Blog..

OK, I have seen some of my friends doing this; was thinking "why not, go ahead and start your own!". So now here I am...

My first blog ever, should be fun doing this & hopefully I will stick to this. I always put things off but tries my hardest not to. I was reading a girl whose is a military wife, I must say I have a lot of respect for her. Being that kind of person makes her a stronger person, I can see how much she is in love with her husband and be his supporter 100%; it amazes me. Individuality always interests me. I believes if we all have same types of favorites or how we are; that will be too boring! Just don't copy, be who you are. If you try so hard to be someone else, you will make yourself look even stupider.

My life. I have nothing negative about it. It is full of ups and downs but when it comes to a reality, I gotta handle it. That is how you learn. I can't keep depending on someone else, it does let me down when I do. I do live on my own, I do get some help sometimes but I don't ask so much. I believe whatever, wherever I am right now makes me a stronger person. I know I am only 21 years old, I feel like I have gone through so much stuff past few years. People been saying, "just wait longer and it will get harder." I'm pondering about that for few days, you know what? Life's a bitch. If something happens, do it or fix it. Except the unexpected. For example, my car broke down and the engine was warped for good. I had to give away, it was no good anymore. I didn't have a car for a year and half. I am not embarrased to say that. I chosen to live on my own and I have to deal with it. Til now, recently, except the unexpected..2004 chevy malibu was handed to me, by my parents. When you have patience, times will come. I am still learning a lot and I'm prepared for it. ;0)

Tyler, my boyfriend, my best friend. I know several of you guys have seen me having hard time in this relationship. Well to say now, we have been doing reallllly good. I'm much happier and happy how things are going between me and him. I can't ask for a better one. He is the one that is always by my side to keep me alive. Defining what love means; unexplainable.

Ok, it's 1:30 am and I'm ready for bed, getting really tired. I can't wait to see my man later this evening, coming back from Vegas. I miss him!

OH, Christmas is around the corner, so MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

Lata, JENY